VIDEO: Sailboats For Sale In Malaysia

We were looking to purchase our own sailboat before accepting the offer to use Pangkor Marina’s sailboat. In the video above, we share the 5 Sailboats we wanted to buy. There are many factors that influenced our choice of Sailboats and we took into consideration the following:

  1. The Price – we budgeted between USD10,000 to USD25,000. (excluding insurance)
  2. The Material – Our preference is either steel or fibreglass.
  3. The Keel – we wanted a Fin keel sailboat.
  4. Where we intended on storing the sailboat (when not is use).
  5. Were we going to be full time live-aboards or part time cruisers.
  6. Where was our Sailing ground.
  7. How long we intended to sail.

Buying a Sailboat is perhaps the easiest part but up keeping and storage when not in use was a huge stumbling block for us because of our lack of experience. In the end, we decided to educate ourselves further before committing ourselves to owning a Sailboat in Malaysia.

We hope you find our videos useful and remember to give us a comment and a LIKE as it helps us create more for you.

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