ARTICLE: What’s Next For Us?

We hope you join us on our new adventure. Thank you for the love and support thus far.

Usually towards the end of the year around November and December, Rene and I tend to take a break from whatever it is we have been doing all year round and spend time with family.

In 2020, we focused on completing our DIY Campervan project and managed to squeeze in a “shake down” loop around Malaysia when the interstate travel ban was lifted. Soon after we did that, Malaysia interstate travel was banned again. That pretty much brought our travel plans to a complete standstill.

We didn’t build a campervan in order to camp endlessly around Malaysia, we built it specifically to take us from Malaysia to the UK, weekend camping and chilling out at campsites is nice but we can only do so much of that. Our preference really is to explore Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in our camper and until that can happen, we hope to focus our energy on learning new skills.

The latest news around the world says that a Covid-19 vaccination is underway but for us, 2021 won’t be the year that we drive to the UK. We have decided that trip can wait another year or even two depending on global travel restrictions.

After researching online, we have found information about travelling during a pandemic, crossing borders proves to be extremely difficult and expensive. One would need to add in extra travel days in order to include the two weeks of quarantine, one would also have to pay for the quarantine boarding expense and covid-19 tests. Lock-downs could happen at any moment and we would really have to know every country’s restrictions. What a nightmare! That’s not really how we want to spend our once in a lifetime adventure driving through countries between Malaysia to the UK.

This epic journey can wait and we don’t mind waiting.


Not sure if you remember sometime last year in November 2019? We got to document a Sailing Regatta held in the Royal Selangor Yacht Club. After that project, we knew that at some point in our lives, we will learn how to sail. Seeing as this pandemic will be holding us captive in our own country for sometime to come, we have decided to spend our 2021 learning how to sail.

The stay at home time we had for most of 2020 gave us a chance to do a lot of research online about sailing and whenever we got the opportunity to head out of the house, we went to explore sailing clubs, marinas and boat yards. The desire to sail is one thing but how we get started is another! The best way to do this is to get to know the community. Sailing is definitely not as straight forward as Van Life and we need all the advice we can get from the people who do it.


Boat Life is a lot more complex, we will take our time to learn it in detail.

Three years of Van Life has taught us to enjoy and appreciate the process of learning. We will be searching for the right method to get ourselves on the water. Our goal this year is to keep things simple – learn about sailboat maintenance and how to sail.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May there be Peace, Love and Laughter in 2021 for you and your loved ones.

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