Malaysia’s interstate borders finally reopened in October and we headed to Pangkor Marina. During the long lockdown we traversed the web for a sailboat to start boat life and we almost purchased a 33ft Steel Vessel called Nimara in back in June. However, we changed our minds at the very last minute. Nothing to do with the boat, just the logistics of getting to it during lockdown was a concern and one of us was also very sick at the time.

NIMARA (The Sailboat we almost purchased)

The ocean is a dangerous place to be without any experience or knowledge about it. We’re now in partnership with Pangkor Marina’s James Khoo and you will get to see more of him in Season 7 as he shows us the ropes about everything boating. We will live on a sailboat in Pangkor Marina and learn to sail, to steer motorboats, to fish, to cross the Malacca Strait safely etc

This is our first video kick starting Season 7 on our YouTube Channel.

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  1. Awesome news and I am sooooooo very happy for you both! Many, including me, have dreamed of doing this. I was even picking out my ‘ideal boat’ and fixed on a 42 footer for a trip out to the Pacific Islands! Sadly, it will hv to remain a dream.
    So, so very excited for you to learn the ropes (the “express class”) and hone your boating skills. Looking forward to your sailing adventures as you ply the local waters and, soon, something further!
    Best Wishes, as always


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