We completed the build out of our camper van Mama Bear in 2020 but the world got hit by Covid-19. The WHO first announced it as an epidemic but very quickly it turned into a global pandemic so our initial goal of driving from Malaysia to the UK faded as Malaysia went into a series of lockdowns with no end in sight.

As we could not travel, we took the opportunity to gain some boat work experience by helping a good friend out with his abandoned sailboat project in RSYC. This hands on experience gave us a huge insight into just how much learning is required in order for us to embark on a journey such as sailing.

Rene and I received our full vaccination certification in August and by September 2021 – the global pandemic was officially declared as an endemic by the Malaysian government so we have to now adapt and live with the virus Covid19 just as we have to live with all other diseases. However, although international borders may slowly be opening and the opportunity for overland travel will be soon become available, we have decided to fully invest in our next adventure. The good thing about this new adventure is that we can bring along our tribe Roxy, Bo and Skye where as for the overland journey, we would have needed to board our pets in a pet hotel for many months. (By the way, we are one member down as our furry friend Leo has passed away from Kidney failure in August. It was heartbreaking to see him suffer so we had to let him go.)

It is now October 2021 and we are pursuing a new dream and leaving behind the old. Sometimes change is unavoidable. We are extremely happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you on our YouTube Channel so subscribe and stay tuned as we learn from the bottom up about what it takes to become live aboard cruisers in Pangkor Marina.


  1. Very nice to see your travels. Just sort of finish my camper. We have a small mini poodle n like to bring her with us.
    Could you share which campervan site would allow our pet. She will stay in camper.
    Thank you.


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