ASTRA ZENECA Vaccine in Malaysia

We finally receive the first dose of our Covid-19 Vaccination. We really don’t care what vaccine we get – the first one we are offered is the one we take. We just want to help stop the spread.

Our morning began at 6:00am, we got up bright and early to feed our pets, have breakfast and then head off to IDCC Shah Alam for our Astra Zeneca Vaccination. We managed to book ours during the first opt in release on MySejahtera. The drive to Shah Alam was extremely peaceful because of the Lockdown (MCO 3.0), there were hardly any cars at all.

7:21AM SUNDAY 6th June 2021 NKVE
7:21AM SUNDAY 6th June 2021 NKVE

We were one of the first to arrive at IDCC and as we entered the car park, plenty of signs led us up to Level 6. This building is a convention centre, designed to host huge events so the flow of human and car traffic was really smooth. Once parked, we headed to a side entrance where at the doors were men in uniform telling us to queue because we weren’t allowed inside the building yet. There was a queue for 9:00am slots, 9:30am slots and senior citizens. Seniors went in first without much waiting. (Good system)

We were the first to arrive, PERFECT.

Our slot was for 9.30am and it wasn’t long before it was our turn to enter so we scanned the QR Check In code, showed our MySejahtera Profile as Low Risk (this is important as if you’re high risk, you can’t enter), took our temperatures, sanitised our hands and finally headed up to the 7th floor where we were greeted by many welcoming individuals who ushered us to the briefing corner.


At the briefing corner, we received two identical consent forms to sign and we were given a number. Mine was 135 and Rene’s was 134. We were told how to fill these forms in and where to go next. (Bring your own PEN) The briefing explained how to fill in the forms, BM and English provided.

This took around 8 minutes and once done, we headed into the main function hall where we waited for our turn to register. We were told to standby our Identification Card / Passport and while waiting we filled in our consent form but were told NOT TO SIGN IT until we got to the interview with Doctor section.

(Really impressed with everything so far and also the really warm welcome of good morning greetings from everyone there – we just did not expect that)

Nervous and excited. #CUCUKMYAZ


Once our number was called we headed to the front desk where we handed over our Identification Card for registration. The person I spoke to was really sweet, he saw that I was nervous and let me know it was all gonna be ok.

BUT little did he know the REAL REASON I was nervous wasn’t for the injection. You see, what happened to me was… Yesterday, I checked the MySejahtera Ap and noticed my Astra Zeneca time slot changed from 9:30am to 8:00pm but the date was still the same. This would mean Rene’s jab is at 9.30am and then I would have to wait until 8.00pm for mine!! I couldn’t sleep all night worrying about this change.

Good thing I saved a screenshot of the original time slot given to me so when I arrived, I showed the guards men at the main entrance my 9:30am time slot. Although no one question me from then on, I was nervous because surely at some point someone was going to say I couldn’t get my jab till later!!

Anyway, if this happens to you – don’t worry, if you want to maintain your original time slot – just go. I was worried over nothing in the end.

Registration went smooth and we were guided to the next section which was an interview with a Doctor / Pharmacist. The lady I sat with was detailed about what to expect after our vaccination. She explained the side effects and told me if it’s serious – head to the closest hospital emergency unit. Once she was done briefing us. we signed the consent forms in front of her. (Bring your own PEN) She then kept a copy and we kept our own copy.




This next section has a waiting area and they call you row by row into white cubicles. Inside the white cubicles are doctors and nurses administering the vaccination. We were told to pick any vacant chair outside the cubicles.

My turn next!! I got this nice lady who called me AUNTY! AHHH!!! That hurt me more than the injection!! LOL Oh well, it is what it is.

ALMOST DONE. After our jab, we were given our appointment card for three months time in August and told to look out for the given date in our MySejahtera Ap. This nice man told me that this card is as important as my Identification Card so DO NOT LOSE IT! He then told me to head to the waiting area for 15 minutes where we wait to see if we have any immediate allergies to Astra Zeneca.



OKAY OKAY!! We admit it!!! The real reason why we both wanted the Astra Zeneca jab was so that we could get our selfie taken with the hast tag #CUCUKMYAZ – how can anyone resist such a cool hash tag? LOL

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you walk away with something useful. Today’s experience was the best ever, it was well organised and only took us one hour!! AMAZING! A big applause for everyone involved in today’s event! Thank you so much to the team!

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