Campervan Toilet/Shower & Water System

HOW WE BUILT MAMA BEAR – Part 3 In today’s video we share our cheap and easy DIY Water System/Plumbing for our kitchen sink, shower, toilet and also our Berkey Water Filter for drinking in Mama Bear our Toyota Hiace Sbv Camper Van.

We decided on easy plumbing for our camper van just to keep things simple. We also didn’t want to spend extra money on external water tanks, plumbing etc. We’ve been happy with our cheap and easy DIY water system/plumbing for 3 years and we hope you find our tips useful for your van life journey.

In total we carry 20 litres under our sink for washing up, 5 litres for drinking and 20 litres on our roof for showers. We have to refill every 2 days or so because we travel with Roxy and Bo. If it’s just 2 people, we can go for 4 days before having to refill.

Our Battery System is by GOAL ZERO Link

We don’t like buying mineral water and we invested in a Travel Berkey which we also use in our home when we’re not on the road. You can google more about it and it’s benefits. We love it. There is a local distributor in Malaysia selling the Berkey Water Filter system – look them up! Thanks for watching!

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