ARTICLE : The Affects of the Pandemic on US

A lot has happened with us since March 18 when the Malaysian government began a Movement Control Order. We were tracking the spread since January 2020 when Covid19 first broke out in Wuhan, we began wearing masks in February before there were reported cases in Malaysia – people must have wondered what was wrong with us but by mid March it became the new norm to wear masks and practice social distancing.

We stayed home and began learning to bake bread, cookies and preparing meals. We saved so much money by eating at home and we haven’t eaten out since March.

In fact, the more we cooked our own meals, the less faith we had in “outside food”. For example, whilst cooking – if I accidentally dropped something on the floor, I would throw it away or wash it before placing it in the pan. When I chopped onions and sneezed by accident – I would cover my mouth wash my hands or look away and sneeze. Would the person in a restaurant do the same as me? Probably not. Plus the state of the toilet in most Malaysian eateries freak us out especially now with the existence of Covid19.

We also saved a ton not travelling like we used to. We also spent less money overall on everything. Something important I learned is that we can live on a really small budget and still maintain happiness.

In terms of food, the new norm for us means no more eating out. So aside from baking, cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of our 4 pets, maintaining our giant garden – we have also been working on completing Mama Bear. Unlike the mad rush we were in when we built Vanhalen (twice), we have slowed down and taken our time with Mama Bear. Not because it’s our third attempt but because we discovered that we enjoy the process of building. Well, that and the fact that borders are closed and we can’t travel.

Covid19 taught us to slow down. The days we spent at home during MCO (movement control order) were precious. We renewed the appreciation we had lost for our beautiful home. Covid19 also taught us to further appreciate the simple things in life.

We enjoyed MCO and staying home. DID NOT EXPECT ANY OF THIS.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” — Oprah Winfrey

We are completing our Van Build and intend on travelling around Malaysia very soon and SEASON 5 for our YouTube Channel is on the way.


  1. More reason now for people to go vehicle camping. No fear of sharing hotel rooms and facilities. Moreover, more opportunities to practice the new recipes learned during the lockdowns.

    Trying to convince my wife to take our first step on vehicle camping. 🙏


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