Can You Live Aboard this Sailboat?

Hope that you enjoy today’s video. We had some issues with our microphone during the shoot and we’ve found out that our battery was weak – it’s fixed now however you will detect some interferences in the video hence we have supplied subtitles. 

This video is a Boat Tour of a Hunter 326 Sailboat. The owner is a Singaporean and he sailed here with his crew to join the RMSIR. One of them was an ex Singapore Navy. They are all so cool – the Skipper Ken (also the owner of the boat) really took his time to explain how things work aboard his boat. He is a DIY guy so he saves money on maintenance work by doing much of it himself. 

We have stopped travelling since January and have been very aware and cautious about the covid 19 spread.

Please to all of you, take care too. Some of you are working the frontlines and we want to thank you. Rene has both his sisters working in Singapore hospitals – they have not had a day off since January. Every Singapore citizen is on standby and doing their part to stop the spread. We hope to see the same with Malaysia and the rest of the world.   


  1. Hey guys. I think sailing is a truly wonderful way to get to see the wonderful wide world we live on. We’re thinking of buying an Albin Vega. It’s a 27ft Swedish designed and built yacht from the 70’s and still very much sought after and respected as strong blue water cruisers for two ( and a pet )
    They’re fairly cheap up here in Sweden, certainly much cheaper than in England. Hope that you guys are able to get in some world cruising… it will absolutely change your perspective. Cheers and travel safe.


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