How To Import A Motorhome Into Malaysia (No AP Required)

Amendment of Customs (Prohibition of Imports And Exports) Order 2012

1. The Approved Permit (AP) is an Import License and Export License issued based on the Customs Act 1967 [Act 235].

2. The list products for Import License and Export License issued by MITI are specified in the Customs (Prohibition of Imports) Order 2012 [P.U.(A) 490/2012] and the Customs (Prohibition of Exports) Order 2012 [P.U.(A) 491/2012].

3. Pursuant to the Customs (Prohibition of Imports) (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2016 [P.U.(A) 219/2016], the requirement for Import License on the following products are abolished:

  1. Motorhomes;
  2. Motorcycle helmets;
  3. Used tyres; and
  4. Flour.

However, item (ii), (iii) and (iv) are subject to conditions imposed by respective government agencies.

4. Pursuant to the Customs (Prohibition of Exports)(Amendment) (No.2) Order 2016 [P.U.(A) 218/2016]:

5. The effective date will be on 1st September 2016.

For further info, kindly refer to this link:


SHAM ROSLI (someone who has done the steps of importing a motorhome from UK to Malaysia in 2019

The following is an Article by Sham Rosli taken from his Facebook

Thank God for permission to write again … Today is 6/1/20. 
I rivew how I bought Mers Sprinter Campervan in the UK. 
I originally wanted to buy something that was ready but my mind was changed to book my dream campervan … why buy it?

For almost a week I was looking for Mers Sprinter Pannel Van nie in the UK. The requirement that I put it must be Auto and to find the Mers Sprinter Automatic transmission as difficult in the UK as they are widely used. I’m happy to roam and finally thank God I met at Heathrow … Buy pannel van in the UK is not the same as Msia … In Malaysia we have to go through the process of converting commercial status to private and paying taxes but not in the UK … The process is more easy to change status to campervan is not as bad in Msia ..

After getting this van pannel I made a conversion to a UK-recognized workahop for my campervan construction … I mean I didn’t do it under a tree workshop … it was licensed and it was in accordance with UK standards.

After almost a month and a half of new campervan preparations I was ready. The next step was to pay all the cost of conversion and tax set by the UK before I returned to Malaysia by ferry via Port Klang.

Until the licensed Port Klang Shipping Company I took care of customs and other matters … (we don’t do it myself) he meant tax payable. Then I went to JPJ Putra Jaya (Mers Sprinter was already in Msia so the VTA process was not as complicated) Then I went to Puspakom Seremban and it was written in a Puspakom window van document instead of a pannel van. 
After this process I registered my campervan … Well it is already halal on the Muslim road. (duration of time ….. 2 weeks shipping / from port to hand I take 3 weeks)


1. Anyone from the country is importing foreign motohomes because since 2016 the government of Malaysia has abolished AP import …. no matter what year. (Remember … don’t ruin the AP rules by driving bad motorhome because we also have to comply with Msia road laws. Main security. 
2.Tax imports MUST pay to FREE 35% of the price of motohome we buy and 10% sale tax. 
3. Before buying motohome abroad we have to balance our finances later used for fear of not enough money to pay the tax … 
4. Do not be afraid to talk with people outside that we did not know kesahiahannya … Make check yourself, there are quasi at fingertips.
5. Although there are also obstacles to him .. (some make a complaint to the customs …) Maybe envy / envy / foul heart and want to bolster this motohome business but trust me .. Everything we do Allah has and we need help He.

For anyone who wants to buy a motohome in the UK I can help .. I have a friend there who can recommend your dream. No need to ask how much I buy my campervan because our taste and ability are different … In fact, I review why I buy Mers Sprinter … Not another fiat or brand. See you in my next post … bye

ARTICLE TAKEN FROM SHAM ROSLI (Facebook) Posted 11.30pm 6th January 2020

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