Overland France to Malaysia

22 Countries 2 Years 24000 EURO

This is the Overland Travel Journey of Hugo & Emeline a French couple – we made a video of their journey on our Patreon Page (Crowdfunding Platform to support the production of our videos) for early access to watch our videos click the link below –


Gugo & Emeline

Hugo & Emeline’s Video Content

1) The Interview with Hugo and EmelineĀ 

2) The Landrover Defender Pop Top Camper Van Tour (next week)

Video Production

It takes us more time and effort when creating videos like these compared to Van Tours because we have to go through the couple’s terabyte hard-drives of 2 years travelling and comb through the best footage to be used in the video before work on the edit can even begin. 

TOPICS we covered in this interview – CONTENT             

1) Which countries have you driven to?                              

2) What is the cost of this journey?                                   

3) Top 3 countries you love?                                                   

4) How to find safe places to camp?                                

5) What new skills did you learn?                           

6) What difficulties did you face?                      

7) Did you sleep in hotels or in your camper?      

8) Pros & cons of a small interior camper?          

9) What can’t you live without?                         

10) What would you have done different?          

11) Any over;and navigational tips for us?

12) What about yourselves has surprised you the most?

Leave us comments – we hope their story helps you with your future journey if you plan to overland travel. We definitely gain in knowledge and confidence from meeting more and more travellers like Hugo & Emeline. 

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