Mercedes Sprinter Camper Conversion, Malaysia

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This is a van tour video of a campervan conversion for a secondhand Mercedes Sprinter in Malaysia. The owner is Wak Kamsol Warjan and he also has a collection of campervans & caravans in his KW Caravan Park in Johor Baru. Wak Kamsol is a seasoned overlander and this Mercedes Sprinter is probably one of his favourites as he has spent a great deal of time and effort on the conversion. Today, he shares his interesting story with us.

To combat the Malaysian heat, Wak Kamsol has put in several methods to stay cool in his camper – two roof ventilation fan installations and two portable air-cons. There is a lounge, a shower/toilet, a kitchen & a separate sleeping area. He also went through the process to change his grant to Caravan via submitting plans to JPJ (Road Transport Dept. Malaysia)

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