Campervaners & Overlanders Meet in Janda Baik

In this video, you will meet retired MAS steward Fadil and his family with their newly modified Ford Spectron Campervan. Fadil’s Van Anne is a good example of not removing any mid row seats and working within the JPJ “rules”. We also speak to veteran overlander Pak Nordin who gives us a personal tour of his rig Toyota Landcruiser which he has driven to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia …

Malaysian Campervan Culture is really lagging behind the western countries and this needs to change. Geographically Malaysia has many beautiful places to camp and travelling to these areas in a campervan means the entire family can enjoy a relatively inexpensive holiday together – often! That’s a good thing to do. There are many benefits to camping and if we don’t facilitate change – we will forever live in fear with questions like – is it legal to DIY your own van build or is it illegal?

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