AGM Deep Cycle Battery & Inverter

100Amp Hour #DeepCycleBattery fully charged yesterday with a 100watt #solar panel. 🎓 Today, we test how long this battery will last us using a 350watt inverter and all devices we use regularly on the road. 🚐

👉 Total draw for all devices is 141watts measured earlier with a wattage current meter.

1 x 12volt Fridge 
2 x Laptops 
2 x hardrives 
1 x Soundcard 
4 x usb Computer Fans
1 x Ipod & Speakers 
4 x doubleA batteries 
1 x Camera battery
2 x Handphone

After testing this system out, AGM is still not enough for us. We need Lithium.

#GotVanWillTravel 🌎 #24HourTravellers

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