ARTICLE : A Budget Campervan Build


In 2017, when we first began building our #Camper, our #Requirements were –

1. To be able to sleep comfortably when camping.
2. Be able to still carry passengers inside Vanhalen (our #ToyotaLiteace)
3. Build a camper within a very #SmallBudget.

Big brands like #Yakima & #Tepui can cost you anything between USD$1000 to 3000 and spending that much on a #RoofTopTent meant no budget for our solar set up. So we decided to source one locally.


We built a simple kitchen in the back of our van but left our mid row seating in tact. (JPJ and the Police will not allow you to build over the window level and removing all seating is also a big NO-NO) If you don’t want to get stopped at #RoadBlocks then follow these rules carefully.



The ROOF TOP TENT when closed looks like this. The height specifications of a Roof Rack and a Roof Top Tent is within the limit that is listed on the JPJ website. Do check that out yourself when making your mods.


If you’re not sure about the campervan lifestyle and just want to try it out without breaking your bank, we suggest doing it this way. You won’t have to take out any seating and spend money renovating the interior. The best thing about a Roof Top Tent is that you won’t be breaking any laws with JPJ by removing seats within your Van.

In future, when the time comes that you want to sell your van off to someone, all you would need to do is remove the roof top tent & whatever small build you have inside. Remember when you sell your vehicle, you will have to send it to Puspakom for inspection. If you renovate your Van extensively into a Camper without plan submissions or legal permissions, you risk having to reset your Van back to it’s original state in order for a sale to go through.

If you have a big budget and want to go through “LEGAL” procedures for building a campervan, we suggest you visit Captain Nik Huzlan, someone who has actually done it. Visit him at his Rimba Valley Motor Campsite. Bring him some coffee and goreng pisang, stay a night and chat with him, we are sure he will explain it all to you. 🙂

The one we bought was RM3000 from Xtrek 4×4 Accessories and above is a #ReviewVideo we made for our RTT after using it for several months.

We hope you find this article useful, remember to share it using the SHARE icons below the article. Let’s grow the campervan community in Malaysia together so that we can enjoy better campervan facilities when the demand is big enough, the government will take notice & focus on building public parks for us. (Positive Vibes)

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