📣📣 If you want a build a campervan there are ✌ OPTIONS (we know of) that will be LEGAL. We used OPTION B when we first began.

👉 OPTION A (Through Advice given by Capt. Nik Huzlan)

  1. Pilih Van
  2. Confirm Design
  3. Buat floor plan
  4. Ukur
  5. Cari jurutera otomotif bertauliah dgn jpj untuk pengiktirafan plan
  6. Submit
  7. Timbang dan inspection dgn puspakom bila van siap.
  8. Dapatkan kelulusan dan masuk dalam geran.
  9. Klu nak senang cari juritera yang fasih berurus untuk conversion ini.

👉 OPTION B (Through 4×4 Overland Camping Methods)

  1. Buy a Roof Top Tent and a Roof Rack (CONTACT US if you need this WE SELL them) We remember our roof rack and RTT can’t be more than 21″ (double check this info at the JPJ website they specify height limitation of what you place on your roof)
  2. Keep Van seats in and at the back of your van, you can build a small removable cabinet like in the photo below. The cabinet must not exceed the window height because it is illegal carry items above window height unless the item is a human.
  3. This van must not be used for work if it is registered as Personal. This is what the police and JPJ road blocks look for. Make sure your van is for family personal passenger and camping usage.
  4. When you want to sell your van, you will need to set it back to its original state, no roof rack etc and remove any tinting in order for it to pass Puspakom.

As you know our Campervan market in Malaysia is very far behind compared to Europe, Australia and America. The only way for us to move it forward to push demand and supply will follow.

If you want to modify your Van outside of the above 2 options, just remember that we are at the infancy stage so be patient and stay positive. Do your research before jumping into big builds. Do it the cheapest way possible first so you learn without burning a hole in your finance.

You can locate good advice through the FB Group My Campervan Malaysia or PCM. There are several members in there who have made conversions using new Vans such as Sprinters and Maxus. Check with them. Good luck and have fun.

📣 We have a video in January that will show you the OPTION A method. If you want to know OPTION B method watch our Season 1 videos. 👉👉👉 or our website

We know how much we all want Malaysia to have a thriving Campervan Community so let’s all work together to make it happen!! Cheers!! 🙂

BiG LuV 💕
Rene & Sam (24 Hour Travellers)


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