Hey there, so we have part 2 ready for viewing here in the link above for our Patrons – please click the link to watch it. If you’re new to our Website welcome. We are currently rebuilding our Campervan to travel from Malaysia to Europe. We share all our #VanBuild info on our Patreon Page linked here –

And for those who support the making of our videos by Subscribing to our Patreon Page we call them our “Patrons”. For only USD1.00 a month we provide you private viewings of behind the scenes photos & videos of our Van Build. Part 2, 3 4 …. will not be on YouTube or Facebook for public viewing.

We will also give a new Van Tour of VANHALEN 2.0 once our Van Build is fully completed – The video will be on our Patreon Page so come join us there!! 🙂

Thailand with VANHALEN will be coming soon and that is the time we will test our Engine’s Rebuild capacity as well as the interior we have DIY- all to see if it can weather our future super challenging journey from Malaysia to Europe.


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