Campervan Trip to Ruby’s Resort

If you have dogs and you haven’t been to Ruby’s Resort then you really need to visit this place. Ruby’s Resort is in Cherating, Kuantan which is along the East coast of Malaysia.

Travelling by road you can access the Kesas Highway and be here in 4 hours if you’re leaving from Kuala Lumpur. There is an airport in Kuantan town itself and flights there from most Malaysian states are available daily.

cherating-mapThe resident dogs at Ruby’s Resort are Stout and Princess, they are a pair of brother and sister Labradors who belong to Ruby.

They often come out to the enclosed compound for morning and evening walks so if you’re lucky you’ll get to meet them.

There is just so much to love and appreciate about this beautiful place. Ruby’s Resort is about 5 acres large and fenced up so our beloved pets remain safe inside. Ruby’s beach is clean and secluded. The water is often warm and clear. If you walk along the beach to the other end of the shoreline, you will find Club Mediterranean. The best time to sink yourselves into the South China Sea is 8am to 11am. The sun is not harmful and the water is calm.

Check out more information about this beautiful place  at their officilal website and make your enquiries direct via email




IMG20170704162544 I would like to introduce to you Ruby Low, isn’t she just gorgeous? Ruby has a heart of gold and is one of the most amazing women I know. She runs such a well maintained establishment with so much passion.

Many guests who visit  leave their thank you messages on the walls of her resort, if you take the time to read those “love notes”, you will find that so many of her guests have a great time staying here and always return as regulars.

However, just as it is with any other resort you visit, there are rules that need to be followed. Be sure you go through Ruby’s rules stated on her website and in the emails that she sends you before your vacation.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please don’t just turn up in your campervan without first enquiring with Ruby’s Resort directly. 



Aminah is the resident chef here and her cooking is to die for. Ruby’s Cafe serves up some awesome local dishes and our favourites are Hailam Mee and Ginger Beef Rice. Remember to request for some home grown chilli padi!! Can’t do without extra heat in the heat!! haha


 IMG-20170703-WA0160My dogs love it here. They know that whenever we come, it’s all about them. The amount of love and attention they receive here is enough to sustain their boredom at home until their next campervan trip.

Our intention of travelling around Malaysia and bringing our dogs with us is really about spending as much time as we can with them. Much of their lives has been spent with them left at home and with us at work in the office. 

When we go on campervan trips with Roxy and Bo, they never leave our sides. They are excellent travel buddies, they sit quietly in our van until we reach our destination. During our travels, they socialise very well with other dogs and even get on with cats. All was not like this at the beginning. They use to cause us so much havoc with the cats and behave badly in during car rides. Practice makes perfect and I believe there is still room for improvement. Roxy and Bo’s favourite activities on campervan trips are, playing fetch in big open fields, swimming and long beach walks or hikes. 



Upon arrival at Ruby’s Resort, we took 3 hours to set up our camp site. With more practice we hope to improve our timing down to 1 hour.

The reason why we chose Ruby’s Resort as the location for our first campervan trip was to ensure that we were able to practice camping within a safe enclosed area for our pets sake. We learned a lot about camping in our van and will need to make some minor modifications to our campervan before our next trip. 

We get asked many questions and there seems to be some common ones that we will definitely address in our future blog posts. In creation at the moment is 24 Hour Travellers YouTube Channel with Vlogs that share our Van Life experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly. 🙂



With a Goal Zero Boulder 90 Watt Solar Panel we were able to charge our Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator which then allowed us to run our electronic devices. The biggest challenge we faced was the afternoon heat from 12pm to 4pm. During these 4 very hot hours we discovered some interesting techniques to stay cool.


Our campervan kitchen set up functioned as a proper kitchen as we tested out our Thai Green Curry recipe. Thanks to a single burner butane gas stove, we managed to brew our favourite coffee every morning.

The simplest things that we have in our homes become luxury facilities when you live in a campervan. We learned to really appreciate running water and a gas stove even more so out here.


We will soon share more information about how our solar set up works, how to stay cool whilst camping and what we use to keep the flies, mosquitos and bugs away from our campsite. Stay tuned.

Our goal is to one day travel full time and be able to stay completely off the grid for up to 5 days at a time.

IMG20170705134312To illustrate just how much Bo loved his stay here, above is a photo of him looking back at Ruby’s Resort as we drove away.

See you soon Ruby Low and thank you so much for your hospitality. 


  1. Amazing. Living life to the fullest and embracing the warmth of nature. All the best for your future escapades. Travelling made easy, blissful and stress free.

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