Campervan Conversion Carpentry


I would like to thank a very kind and special old friend. Back when I was an Art Director in Film Production, my favourite set builder was a man called Ah Fatt and he gave us the use of his warehouse, his tools and his helpers. (If you need a set builder – call to Ah Fatt – +6012330 5226)


Once we completed our cabinets which took only two days, we did the paintwork and sanding down ourselves.

We painted everything white and used an oil based paint in order to protect the wood from moisture. Ah Fatt helped us with the hardest part of the build, the flooring. Can’t tell you how many times we measured and traced out the floor space.

Ooops I almost forgot, we also used Bitumen Plumbers Tape in the grooves of the floor.

(More detail about how we Sound Deadened our van How We Sound Deadened Our Van)

For underlay, we used a non slip rubber grip material from the RM5 shop in EON Jusco. This stops the wooden floor board from slipping and bumping against the metal floor


BIG TIP is to measure twice cut once. (We ended up cutting several times lol)

We traced out the Van floor space and drew it onto 12mm thick plywood.



And then stuck wood vinyl onto the 12mm Plywood. This part we let the professionals handle as it required some carpentry experience in using heavy duty tools. After laying the wooden floorboard down we screwed back the seats, placed the carpeting back into the van and hung some sun block curtains up.

Our van was looking more like a camper. We decided to hit the road for a trial run 5 nights in Cherating Kuantan in order to see what our camper van lacked. We packed up our dogs and headed East. So happy to finally begin #Vanlife even though it was a trial run. The final stage will happen in two weeks, the ceiling and some minor adjustments.

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