Ways of Reducing Heat in Our Van

We decided to completely strip our van’s interior mainly because it is 22 years old and it needs an upgrade. We removed all the carpets and sent it for dry cleaning. We also removed the ceiling pads because they were completely worn.

Seeing as we intend on spending many hot days inside our van, installing reflectix for heat insulation is a must. We purchased our reflectix from a company in Puchong and it cost us around Rm150 for 3 meters.

We drove our Van around without this insulation for a couple days and the heat that came through our roof was unbearable. After the layer of Bitumen Flashing Tape for sound dampening we then placed a layer of reflectix.



We also put reflectix within the Van wall panels and will be making a detailed video of our Van Build very soon. It’s a slow and difficult process but the results will be nothing less than awesome! Stay tuned as we replace the ceiling with a nice finishing.


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