The Types of Campervans Available in Malaysia

“Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.”
Ma Jian, Red Dust: A Path Through China

So if you’re thinking about one day getting your own Recreational Vehicle, we have put together a summary of what you will find readily available here in Malaysia to date 2017. (Through our experience)

THE BENIMAR-MILEO MOTORHOME RM609,000 (Usd155,000)motorhome-malaysiaThere are only 13 BENIMAR-MILEO MOTORHOMES available in Malaysia. This fancy caravan sleeps up to six! So if you have kids and you don’t want to forgo the creature comforts of home then this model will probably suit you well.


Now if that price tag for the BENIMAR-MILEO MOTORHOME is a little too steep don’t panic, go check out this next place which has a Caravan for one third of that price.

THE PLUTUS CAM CARAVAN RM207,000.00 (Usd52,000)

Plutus-Caravan Website


This Camper Van is based on a Chinese-made Plutus pick-up, marketed and sold by China Auto Manufacturers (CAM) based out in Klang, and in its base form is available in 4×2 and 4×4 double-cab versions. – only 18 caravan models available out of the 30 manufactured. posterback

Maybe you are more of a Van type traveller?

Check out this VW Transporter Kombi Van Rm277,000 (Usd70,000)

We believe the price is negotiable. This is a second hand Van imported from the UK and will set you back Rm277,000. We personally love this option because it has a pop up roof, kitchen and a bed that sleeps 2.



VW MOTORHOME – Rm95,000 (Usd23,000)

Somewhere in Klang sits this very old VW Motorhome whose interior has been rebuilt by the current owner. Funny thing is there is an actual AC unit with a giant compressor hanging on its back exterior.



CUSTOMISED CAMPER SHELLS CREATED FOR TRUCK BEDS of the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Isuze Dmax


This photo is of a Lance Camper Shell and it is a reference for the sort of Camper Shell Wing Motorhome is currently working on. The Camper Shell will fit snuggly onto the truck beds of the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Isuzu Dmax Trucks. Its measurements and build will all be JPJ compliant and as soon as the 3D drawings are ready we shall share them here.

This type of camper truck is best suited for those who will venture off grid into areas most vehicles can’t access off road. Perfect for 4 x 4 Explorers. More to come about this topic so stay tuned.

If you feel driving around Malaysia in your campervan is not adventurous enough then head up to Thailand. Here is a great article we found that can help you prepare for the journey successfully.

How to Drive from Malaysia to Thailand


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
Henry Miller


  1. How and where can i got a camper van. Budget with below RM100K. Or anybody have a specialist to build that camper van


  2. Just watching yr YouTube video this few week. Nice & good 👍👍👍
    What’s the cost to purch n install camper shell for Toyota Hilux?the features inside n can I no more details. I planning to purchase Toyota Hilux to modify to campervan .Hopefully I can join you too,TQ Regards, KK Chow fr JB


    • HI Chow, Sorry for the delayed response, suddenly so many questions coming in to our website lately. Camper Shells – this requires JPJ approval and they have specific specs that you must build within. If you’re driving out of Malaysia and travelling away one option is to go buy them in Thailand then you won’t have to get approvals. When you return to Malaysia remove it. No idea with cost as we didn’t explore this option in the end.


  3. Hi Rene & Sam, nice post, I enjoy it so much. How would we able to know if the caravan is JPJ approved? Any specific documentation to prove this? For camper van like PLUTUS CAM CARAVAN or BENIMAR-MILEO MOTORHOME, do we have any documentation from JPJ to proof that it is JPJ approved?


    • You can visit their showrooms and straight buy one. OR you can import your own motorhome from countries that sell them, you do not require any AP for motorhome import – Google it. 🙂 Check directly with MITI for more details.


  4. How and where can i got a camper van. Budget with below RM100K. Or anybody have a specialist to build that camper van..pls advise..tq


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